Wine Thoughts

The wine recommendations this week are all Sue's.  I've had the white and find it light, crisp and very refreshing.  As for the pinot noir, I've never tried it but now I must!  You know I just love a good pinot noir.  

Remember our view on wine:  drink what you love!

Shopping List
1 head of escarole
2 lemons
1 head garlic
1 bunch thyme
1 pt blackberries 

1 pt heavy whipping cream
unsalted butter

Thin sliced chicken cutlets

extra virgin olive oil
12 oz bag extra wide egg noodles
1 box Jell-O instant lemon flavored pudding and pie filling

Bottle of dry marsala wine
Bottle red wine
Bottle of white wine

The Week is Half Over Let's Celebrate!

Organization and Other Thoughts

  • Check your pantry.  Do you already have: fresh garlic, lemons, extra virgin olive oil, butter, flour?
  • You can buy everything on this list on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • If you don't want to whip the cream yourself, substitute Cool Whip or another non-dairy whipped cream.
  • We recommend the thin sliced chicken cutlets so that you will not have to pound them to the desired thickness.  It is just extra work and takes some practice to be able to pound cutlets properly.  I've seen newer cooks pound cutlets to mush -- kind of gross.
  • We haven't indicated the number of cutlets.  Assume 1-2 cutlets per person.  
  • Our escarole recipe is for 2 people.  If you are feeding more than 2 people you will need 2 heads of escarole.
  • For the egg noodles, you can buy the traditional, light and fluffy or yolk free.  Whatever you prefer is fine.  I have even used whole wheat wide noodles which taste great.  


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