Wine Thoughts
  • White:  I told you last week I have been experimenting with Long Island wines recently.  Go with the Onabay for this meal.  It's great. 
  • Red:  I discovered this wine in my local wine store.  I love it with fish and garlicky chicken.  I will always tell you that pinot noir and salmon are a match made in heaven.  If you can find this wine, give it a try.

 Shopping List
1 small bag baby carrots
1 pt brussel sprouts
2 lemons
1 head garlic
1 bunch thyme
1 medium red onion
1 pear 

4 oz blue cheese
1 stick unsalted butter

2  6 oz salmon fillets

extra virgin olive oil
light brown sugar
whole walnuts
aluminum foil
2 disposable aluminum foil pans
1 can unsalted chicken stock (optional)
artisnal bread 

Bottle of red wine
Bottle of white wine

The Week is Half Over Let's Celebrate!

Organization and Other Thoughts

  • Assume you are cooking this on Wednesday. Monday, check your pantry.  Do you already have: fresh garlic, lemons, extra virgin olive oil, light brown sugar, aluminum foil?
  • You can buy everything on this list on Tuesday except the fish.  If you can we think you should buy the salmon on Wednesday.  Ask the store to remove the skin from the salmon for you.
  • Any kind of pears are fine.  To tell if a pear is ripe smell it.  If it smells like fruit it is ripe.  Also it should give slightly when you squeeze it.  It should not be hard like a rock.
  • Blue cheese is like wine, a very personal preference.  A few suggests we have are:  English stilton, roquefort or castello.
  • Chicken stock is optional because you can substitute this for the wine.
  • Buy a bread that you enjoy.  Sue's downfall is foccacio with sun-dried tomatoes and mine is rosemary and olive loaf.  

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