Wine Thoughts
No white wine with the meal it just doesn't complement the food in my opinion.   I have been experimenting with Long Island wines recently.  It's so exciting to have great wine in our backyard.  If I wanted to enjoy a glass before, I'd have the Onabay Yellow Crown Chardonnay 2009.

 Shopping List
1 medium fennel bulb
1 head escarole
1 Spanish onion
1 head garlic
3 blood oranges
1-2 lemons
bunch of fresh basil
bunch of fresh mint

parmigiano reggiano cheese

3/4 lb sweet Italian sausage

extra virgin olive oil
fennel seeds
1  15 oz can great Northern white beans
1  15 oz can canellini beans
1 loaf Italian bread
32 oz chicken stock

Bottle of red wine
Bottle of white wine
Pernod (optional)

Organization and Other Thoughts

  • The day before you cook this, check your pantry and do your shopping.  Do you already have: fresh garlic, lemons, extra virgin olive oil, honey, fennel seeds, parmigiano reggiano cheese?
  • Buy your bread on Wednesday if possible.
  • If you can't find blood oranges, substitute 2 pink or red grapefruits.
  • You need at least 4 chubby sausage links so that each portion has the equivalent of at least 1 sausage.
  • We like to use Kitchen Basics chicken stock when we cook.  For this recipe use the regular stock not the unsalted.  You will notice that the recipe calls for neither salt nor pepper.
  • Pernod is something you may not have in your pantry.  You can substitute dry vermouth in the recipe or indulge yourself and buy the Pernod.  I use it in many different dishes because I love the flavor. 

Boy Mimi you are sure "into" your Montepulciano d'Abruzzo!!

Yes, I am.  It goes great with the meals we are making, there are lots of choices available and it's a good value.

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