Wine Thoughts
  • No white wine with this meal, only red!
  • Zaccagini Il Vino Dal Tralcetto Montelpulciano d'Abruzzo, the name is long but it's easy to find, affordable and really good with pasta.

Shopping List
2 romaine lettuce hearts
2 lemons
1 head garlic
1 large bunch of fresh basil

1 lb fresh mozarella (salted)
parmigiano reggiano

boneless chicken breasts 

2 28 oz cans peeled Italian plum tomatoes 
extra virgin olive oil
1 box of penne rigate
1 can flat anchovies
fennel seeds
red pepper flakes
granulated (powdered) garlic
light brown sugar
cinnamon powder
1 small jar mayonnaise 
1 loaf Italian bread
1 bottle Italian salad dressing
Italian flavored bread crumbs

Bottle of red wine
Bottle sweet Marsala wine

Organization and Other Thoughts

  • Assume you are cooking this on Wednesday. Monday, check your pantry.  Do you already have:  the herbs, fresh garlic, parmigiano reggiano cheese, extra virgin olive oil?
  • You can buy everything on this list on Tuesday, even the bread.
  • We don't eat a protein with this meal.  If you feel you must have a protein, we included Sue's recipe for baked Italian marinated chicken breasts.
  • I buy romaine hearts.  I often end up discarding the outer leaves of whole heads of romaine lettuce because they are torn and bruised and I don't like to use them.
  • Try to find fresh mozarella.  If you can't, eliminate it from the recipe and use only grated parmigiano reggiano.  Do not substitute the packaged mozarella that you find in the dairy case.  You will be disappointed with the result.
  • Assume 1 boneless chicken breast per person.  Also, buy the thinly cut breasts.  They cook faster and it will be less work for you than pounding them thin.
  • Try to avoid buying the canned tomatoes that have basil in them.  Also, don't skimp on your tomatoes.  When you make a sauce always buy high quality Italian tomatoes.
  • I like to use Miracle Whip rather than mayonnaise.  This is a personal preference.  Use what you like.
  • We like to cook with Barilla pasta.  Buy the penne rigate because the ridges hold the sauce.
  • Panko Italian seasoned bread crumbs are really great to cook with.  We recommend trying them for the baked chicken breasts. 

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