While Sue assembled the salad, I continued to clean up the kitchen.  Remember that we always recommend cleaning while you are cooking so you are not left with a mess to clean up right before the celebration begins.


Caprese Salad
  • 8 tomatoes on the vine
Rinse, pat dry and cut 4 slices from each tomato.​
  • 1 pint yellow grape tomatoes
Rinse, pat dry and slice in half lengthwise.​
  • 1 lb salted mozarella
Slice to 1/4 inch thickness​
  • 1 bunch basil
Strip leaves from stems, rinse individually, spin and then pat dry.  Pile leaves, roll them up lengthwise and cut strips with a scissor to make chiffonade.​

 2:00 PM
 2:30 PM

We started to assemble all of the ingredients for the antipasto.

We don't need to say anything about this -- a picture is worth a thousand words.  You can get really creative with antipasto and I like the fact that it's personal.  Not everyone likes the same thing.  Include what you like to whet your appetite.

For me, an antipasto platter is not complete unless it has carrot and celery sticks.

... and for me it's not complete unless there is raw fennel.

Everyday Divas Celebrations
with Mimi and Sue
Warm Weather Welcome

Oops, we dropped the ball on this one.  Sue didn't have her raw fennel!