It's Time for Your Celebration!

Before we talk about serving dinner, I'm going to talk to you about this presentation.  When your sweetheart arrives they will see this elegant setting with a tea light candle lit in an every day glass.  Of course there is a beautiful bottle of champagne.  Everyday dishes at the kitchen counter are given "glam" with sparkling red chargers set underneath the white plates and pretty toile napkins.  Martini lovers, don't get too excited about those glasses on the plates, this is not a night for martinis.  You will serve the cucumber salad in those glasses for a little extra pizzazz. 

If you have to move a place setting so your guest can comfortably visit with you, it's no big deal.  The idea was to set the ambiance.  (Just a note, when you serve the dinner you may remove the chargers entirely or leave them for decoration, it's your choice.)

When your guest arrives, invite him or her to join you in the kitchen.  Get comfortable and open the champagne.  Serve the asparagus sushi rolls.  While you are relaxing you will make the final preparations for dinner.

FYI, do NOT pop the cork out of the champagne bottle.  That is kind of cheesy.  The proper way to open champagne is to ease the cork out of the bottle so that it kind of quickly "sighs" when you open it.  This method preserves the bubbles in the bottle. 

What I really love about this beautiful place setting is that it was done on a shoestring.  The napkins were $2 each, placemats $3 each and the chargers $1.50 each.  I also think the martini glasses introduce a bit of edgy elegance.

The martini glasses look really pretty with a formal place setting as well.  If you want to pull out all the stops, ask your mother or grandmother if you can borrow her wedding china and crystal.  You must promise that you will wash the lead crystal and gold edged plates by hand and keep your promise!  Putting them in a dishwasher will damage them.


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