7:00:  The first guests promptly arrive.  At that very moment, Mimi was lighting the last candle and turning on the stereo. 

7:15:  I baked the mini chicken pot pies in a 250 oven to warm them. 7:45:  I put half of the Diva's Devilish mini chicken pot pies on the table and my daughter-in law passed the other half around.

8:00:  I transferred the pulled pork from the 350 degree oven to the 250 degree oven to keep it warm.
Time for Our Holiday Celebration!

 8:00:  In those final minutes of puttering in the kitchen, I had sliced the beef sushi into 8 pieces per roll.  Some of the ends fell apart so, Sue pierced them with a toothpick.  The pieces that held together were plated on a grey ceramic tile and I passed them.  I followed them with the pierced pieces plated on a clear glass plate with left over carrot ribbons in the center as garnish and some of the sauce from the rolls on the side.

As we mentioned earlier the beef sushi is a challenging dish to create and I think not worth the effort.  Prepare the meat and the sauce according to the recipe. Make your carrot ribbons and cut them into thin strips.  Serve all of the meat pierced with a toothpick with the sauce for dipping. Mound the thin carrot ribbons in the center of the platter. They are are very pretty and work well as a garnish.

8:15:  I baked the sherried mushrooms in phyllo cups in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes.  When they were ready, I put them on a large tray and passed them to the guests.

9:30 Many of the guests had gotten comfy in the great room in front of the fireplace and around the Christmas tree.  I whipped cream for the strawberries.  Sue plated the miniature cup cakes and put them out on the table.  I then passed the strawberries with whipped cream for dipping.

8:30:  Mimi and I  checked the pulse of the party and decided to serve the pulled pork sliders at 9:00. 

8:45:  We created an assembly line.  I cut the slider rolls open and lined them up on the trays, Mimi put about 3 tbsp of pulled pork in each roll and I pierced the rolls with bamboo skewers.  It took us 10 minutes to assemble 60 sliders.  Meanwhile my daughter-in-law was heating the fancy roasted potatoes in the 350 degree oven, just to take the chill off of them.  

We served the sliders on a large white platter on the table and we put the fancy roasted potatoes in a rustic wicker basked lined with doilies.  The sour cream / creme fraiche and chives dipping sauce garnished with extra chopped chives was placed next to the potatoes. We set out toothpicks to pick up and dip the potatoes.

Although we didn't use this method, I believe you could assemble the pork sliders ahead of time, say 6:30, and then at 8:30 put them into a 250 degree oven to heat up to be served at 9:00.  I also think that dinner sized brioche rolls would be a nice complement for the pulled pork.  At the very least, we should have heated the slider rolls for 5 minutes in a 350 degree oven before assembling the sliders.   Next time!
Our Holiday Celebration Winds Down as the Last Guests Venture out into the Snow!
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I agree we should have heated the slider rolls.  I do not think that they could have been assembled that far in advance without turning the rolls soggy.