Wine Thoughts

White: Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc -- Viognier 2013.  I was struggling with this meal and the wine that would complement it.  I was really leaning toward a fruity, floral wine and this is what I landed on.  I experience citrus first  and then a nice melon finish.  I just think it balances really nicely with the tangy mustard and honey.  I'm not convinced it a great match though with the mint in the zucchini -- however, since I don't like mint in cooking anyway, I'm probably not the best judge.

Shopping List

4 medium zucchinis
1 head of celery
1 medium onion
3 carrots
1 lemon
1 large bunch mint

8 bone in chicken thighs

1 8 oz container créme fraiche
1 stick unsalted butter

1  15 oz can chicken stock
extra virgin olive oil
dijon mustard
whole grain mustard
Italian flavored bread crumbs
non-stick aluminum foil

Organization and Other Thoughts

  • Check your pantry.  Do you already have: extra virgin olive oil, butter, mustard, honey?
  • We have been using the Colavita extra virgin olive oil and think it is very good.
  • The chicken thighs must be skin on and bone in for this recipe.  If you want to splurge buy organic chicken.
  • I am hooked on panko bread crumbs.  You can even get them italian flavored.
  • I had no idea there was such a thing as non-stick aluminum foil until Sue told me about it.  If you can't find it, spray your regular aluminium foil with PAM after you line the pan.

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