How do you picture the event?

  • Intimate, cozy (6-8 guests)
  • Warm, engaging (10-12 guests)
  • Festive, fun-filled (14-20 guests)
  • Splashy, celebratory (20+ guests)

What's the occasion? What's your style?  Maybe you like a robust cocktail hour, a selection of cheeses, meats, small bites and wine or a hearty buffet style dinner?  Will your sit down dinner be served family style with relaxation and lively story-telling as the centerpiece? Will you present your meal in courses with close attention to details and the food and wine?

Remember, you are not out to win a prize for the best party ever, you want to have fun!!!  Whatever you decide should reflect your personality and create an atmosphere that will make your guests feel warm and welcome in your home.

       True, but guess what?

  • Your intimate and cozy celebration can turn awkward and uncomfortable if guests don't click, or worse, really irritate each other.  We'll never forget the New Year's Eve that nearly resulted in a fist fight in our dining room!
  • That warm and engaging evening will be less so if your guests separate into two intimate and cozy groups.  Remember high school ...the jocks in one corner and the members of the marching band in the other.
  • Festive and fun-filled will not happen without rapport among guests.
  • Splashy and celebratory should never feel like you are ignoring your guests because you planned a celebration that was too large or complicated for you to handle.

You strike the right tone.  Intimate and cozy or warm and engaging celebrations require careful thought when creating the guest list. When done right, these ideas are a "set it and forget it" celebration. Your guests will maintain the flow and, if you prefer, the meal itself can demand much more of your time and attention.

Celebrations that are intended to be festive and fun-filled or splashy and celebratory require more of your attention as the hostess.  A balance is necessary between maintaining the flow of the party and attending to the many other details that these get togethers demand. Whatever you decide, balance your time so that your guests spend time with you and you are able to relax and enjoy the celebration as well.
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