• Set up your buffet table
  • Remove soup from refrigerator and pour into the pot you will heat and serve it in
  • Open bags of chips and put in serving bowls
  • Put pico de gallo in serving bowls and return to refrigerator (no need to cover with plastic)
  • Slice lemons and limes (lengthwise slices)
  • Open wine bottles, recork and refrigerate

1 Hour Before your Celebration
1/2 Hour Before your Celebration

  • Place carrot jicama slaw in serving bowl sprinkle with chopped cilantro.  Return it to the refrigerator.  No need to cover with plastic.
  • Put wine and beer in an ice bucket wherever you plan to serve the drinks
  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees

  • Remove guacamole from refrigerator, stir and garnish with cilantro.
  • Place chips, pico de gallo and guacamole wherever you plan to serve them.
  • Fill 3/4 of margarita pitcher with ice.  Pour margarita mixture into the pitcher and stir. Place the pitcher wherever you intend to serve the drinks.
  • Pour kosher salt in a flat dish and place near cut limes and margarita pitcher.
  • Light your candles.
  • Turn the music on to be ready for the celebration.  I think the album Gipsey Kings is the perfect touch to get this party going.

I like to set everything up ahead of time to make sure there is sufficient room on the table for what I envisioned.  It's also nice to confirm I am satisfied with the look. 

I want to mention something about the way we are serving the margaritas.  You may enjoy freezing them using a blender and ice.  It's really your choice, I just find this approach noisy and a distraction.  

Normally you would shake a margarita with ice if you weren't freezing it.  Again, I don't feel like standing around shaking margaritas for 8 people. So, a good compromise that will still taste great is to mix the margaritas ahead of time, pour them over the ice and then stir.  You should also provide ice for the glasses.    Finally, not everyone likes salt on their margarita so we suggest setting it up so that your guests can salt their own glasses if they prefer.

Hey, great idea to check that everything fits on the table (ok maybe I'm being a little sarcastic there).  But honestly, what will you do if you don't like "the look"? It's kind of late in the game to change things up now.  This is just a little reminder that you should not to make yourself crazy.  Just go with the flow.  No one will notice if things aren't absolutely perfect -- especially after they get a margarita in their hands!!  Happiness will follow!

Big yawn on the music choice Mimi! This is a fiesta, make it feel like one!  Like I always say though, let your personality shine.  If you prefer to start more laid back then do it.

My preference would be to start the celebration  a little more low key than The Gipsey Kings.  Maybe a little Ottmar Liebert as the guests are arriving and then kick it into high gear later?

15 Minutes Before your Celebration

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