One Hour until the Celebration!
Sue returned in all of her party fabulousness looking spectacular! (at least my hair was blown out).  Fabulousness did not stop her from getting right back to work though as  she immediately started setting  up the serving table.  

Set up the Serving Table
  • First
Create the Cheese, Pate and Finocchiona presentation.  Cut the beemster and aged gouda into small bites.
  • Second
Create the "old school" crudite presentation.
  • Third
Transfer the seafood canapes to serving trays.
  • Fourth
Create the "drunken shrimp" presentation.
  • Fifth
Set out nuts, napkins, toothpicks.  Double check that everything is out.
  • Sixth
Pour the rest of the barbecue sauce over the pulled pork, mix thoroughly and place in 350 degree oven.  (Thank goodness my daughter-in-law​, who is a whiz in the kitchen, was there to help with this.)

Set up Bar and Other Preparation
  • First
Bring 6 bottles of champagne, 4 bottles of Toasted Head chardonnay and 4 Bottles of Chateau St. Michelle chardonnay from downstairs wine closet.  Place in galvanized tub filled with snow on the front porch. Put ice in cooler placed at the side of the bar. Stock with water, mixers and soft drinks. 
  • Second
Bring up from downstairs wine closet three bottles of each type of red wine and place on bar. 
  • Third
Set out large bucket on bar for wine.
  • Fourth
Set out one bottle each: vodka, gin, scotch, bourbon, dry vermouth, sweet vermouth
  • Fifth
Cut lemons and limes. 
  • Sixth
​Line up the CDs for the evening.  Here's the playlist in order:
  • B.B. King / Eric Clapton:  Riding with the King
  • Bonnie Raitt:  Nick of Time
  • James Taylor:  New Moon Shine
  • Santana:  Supernatural
  • Stevie Wonder:  Natural Wonder Disc 1
  • Diana Krall:  The Look of Love

Under ordinary circumstances my husband would take care of everything related to setting up the bar and the coolers.  But this was no ordinary night.  At 6:00 it was still snowing and he was still shoveling our driveway and setting up lanterns along the way to light a path for our guests.  Thank goodness my sister's friend and Sue's husband, John, jumped right in and took over for us!!  They immediately started opening wine bottles, got everything on ice and set up the bar .

Then my sister got in on the action slicing up lemons and limes.

I calmly turned to Mimi, who was still puttering around in the kitchen and said:  "It's 6:40, you are cutting it pretty close.  You should go get dressed."

And, there it is.  Evidence of me disregarding my own advice to not create a memory of running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  My compulsive nature got the best of me but Sue saved me from myself and reminded me to get the heck out of the kitchen and get dressed.  Shame on me and thank goodness for Sue!!!


My daughter-in-law, who is a whiz in the kitchen got the pulled pork ready while I worked on the table.  This was turning into a "family affair"!

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