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(... the "Joie de vivre")
​Wife, mother of four boys and grandmother to six, I have many birthdays, graduations, recitals, cast parties and sports triumphs to celebrate.  

My greatest joy is a gathering that creates an atmosphere of love and connection while sharing stories and savoring each other's company.  My indulgence is getting so wrapped up in the moment, I forget that I am the hostess and need to stay a little focused.  I feel this creates the relaxed and informal ambiance of our most memorable celebrations. 

Open your heart and front door.  Welcome your favorite people and let your personality shine.

​(...Lawyer ... Banker ... Food Media Junkie)

Former lawyer and banker, I analyze, research and make spreadsheets.  I've collected every  Gourmet magazine since 1992 and catalogued recipes in my library. 

I devour TV shows about cooking.  Pastry chefs recreating Disneyland entirely of sugar, master chefs opening a basket of unknown ingredients to create a meal, or the junk food aficionado plowing through more oysters than one would believe humanly possible all fascinate me.

The method behind my madness, analysis and a constant striving for perfection, requires balance. It often drives my husband crazy.  It can lack Sue's "joie de vivre".

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